New Hardware from SMOK and Tobeco!

SMOKTech Alien Kits are Now Available at Giant Vapes!

New Alien Kits available at Giant Vapes!

The SMOK Alien 220 Kit comes with the easy-to-use Alien 220 Device and a matching TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. It’s a great deal on two bestselling products with exciting new color options!

The authentic SMOKTech Alien 220 Mod features a maximum wattage of 220W, on-board charging and firmware upgrades via the convenient front-facing microUSB port, an easy-to-read OLED screen and temperature control functionality – it’s a great device for any vaper, whether you want to power up to 200+ wattages or use it with your high-resistance coils at lower settings.

The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank has been a top seller from SMOK since its release, with a convenient top refill system, 3ml tank capacity, and plenty of coil options for any style of vaping!

Kits are now available in Army Green, Camouflage Yellow, Camouflage Blue, Black/Blue and Silver!

Don’t forget to pick up some batteries for your Alien 220 Kit right HERE! You can also find replacement coils for your TFV8 Baby Beast Tank right HERE at Giant Vapes!

New Colors for SMOK and Tobeco Products!

White and Purple Alien

The SMOKTech Alien 220 Mod is available NOW at Giant Vapes in white with purple accents! You can find it right HERE at Giant Vapes, along with options for the device in silver, red and black, black and blue, and full rainbow!


Rainbow Super Tank Mini

Now available by popular demand, the Tobeco Super Tank Mini in rainbow finish! If you’re looking for color options, the Super Tank Mini is your best pick – we now have this top-selling tank available in fourteen different colors!

Cat Got Your Tank? We’ve Got You Covered.

We now have replacement glass tubes available for a wide variety of the tanks we carry, because we know how it feels when you drop your favorite tank!

NEW: Tobeco Super Tank Mini Replacement Glass

NEWSMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Replacement Glass 3-Pack

Aspire Atlantis 2 Replacement Glass

Aspire Cleito 5ml Replacement Tank


The Giant Road Trip: West Virginia Edition

Mike Runshe, our Chief Awesome Officer, and Chase Burruss, our fantastic Giant Distribution Account Manager for the Southeast region, took a GIANT road trip last week, starting in Nicholasville, Kentucky for the Planet Vapor Grand Opening event! Then, Mike and Chase hit the road to visit Giant Distribution customers throughout the great state of West Virginia! All along their route, they sent us photos of the amazing people they met and the wonderful, welcoming shops in West Virginia, and when they got back, they wanted to share their journey with you!






We can’t wait to see where the next Giant Vapes Road Trip will take us!



Get Dipt With Giant Vapes!

The Dipt Line is Now Available at Giant Vapes!

The Dipt premium e-liquid line was inspired by the Southern California food truck craze, churro sundaes: warm, authentic churros, cold, melty ice cream, and a variety of mouthwatering toppings. It took months of labor and hundreds of iterations, but the master mixologists at Boardwalk Vapor finally perfected the Dipt blends to capture the flavors of this highly-sought-after dessert phenomenon.

And of course, you can now get all three, right HERE at Giant Vapes!

Shaked: A fresh-fried churro with sugar and cinnamon, dunked in a thick vanilla bean ice cream milkshake.

Jammed: A crisp, authentic churro slathered in strawberry jam and topped with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

Pebbled: You guessed it – a warm, fresh churro rolled in your favorite fruit cereal, served alongside a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Rawberry is Available Today at Giant Vapes!

Rawberry is now available at Giant Vapes!

Vape veterans Jeff Burness and Dave Estes created Rawberry in 2013 for themselves and a few close friends. Unsatisfied with the single-berry and mixed-berry blends on the market, Jeff and Dave perfected a truly complex berry blend so delicious and unique that it was, in essence, a brand-new berry itself: Rawberry.

A mouth-wateringly juicy flavor, Rawberry combines the best, brightest flavors from the freshest native berries to make a truly one-of-a-kind fruit. Imagine wild, alpine strawberries picked at the height of ripeness and gently macerated to highlight their sweetness; sweet, dark-red heritage raspberries from a farm passed down through generations; premium cranberries from the bogs on Cape Cod, and just a handful of blackberries plucked from the bushes along a sun-drenched country road. Combine those, and you’ve got Rawberry.

Rawberry is now available at Giant Vapes!

Find your next all-day fruit vape right HERE at Giant Vapes.

Prism is Now Available at Giant Distribution!

Prism is Now Available at Giant Distro!

The first flavor from Primitive Vapor Company’s 180 Degrees line, Prism, is available TODAY at Giant Distribution! This blend can only be described as a rainbow in a bottle – a flavor-packed fruit candy mix that’s so accurate you’ll think you just poured a handful of colorful candy bits into your mouth.

Contact your wholesale account manager for ordering details at 855-482-7375 ext. 3, or visit us at to order Prism and the rest of Primitive’s award-winning, bestselling blends online!

Giant Distro Benefits

Don’t have an account with Giant Distribution yet? Visit us at or call our wholesale account representatives at 855-482-7375, ext 3, to set up your account!

New from Primitive: Prism

Prism by 180 Degrees Now Available at Giant Vapes!

Taste-makers from Texas, Primitive Vapor Company founders Brandon and Christopher have built their reputation on flavor-packed, true-to-profile, award-winning pastry and dessert blends. If you’re looking for a genuine Southern pie or a delightfully unique key lime doughnut, Primitive is your brand. But what is life, without a challenge?

Primitive has taken a literal 180-degree turn from their traditional lineup full of baked treats, and put their creative genius to work with the aptly-named 180 Degrees series, which focuses on fruit blends. The first flavor from the 180 Degrees line to be released worldwide is available right here, right now, and it’s already a hit here at Giant Vapes Headquarters.

Now Presenting…

Prism by Primitive
PRISM: Have you ever poured a bag of mixed fruit candy directly into your mouth? It’s just like that. Primitive has managed to perfectly blend a variety of fruit candies – strawberry, lemon, lime, watermelon, grape, even peach – into an intense, ever-changing, rainbow-filled vaping experience.


You can get Prism alongside Primitive’s award-winning flavors right HERE at Giant Vapes!

What Color is YOUR Beard?

Colors by Beard Vape Co. are Now Available at Giant Vapes!

Beard Colors are now available at Giant Vapes!

Choose Your Color!

Pink: A tropical fruit blend bursting with deliciousness! The highlights of this flavor are bright, sweet mango and juicy lychee, perfectly balanced with a few other, secret exotic fruits.

Green: Freshly sliced honeydew and other melons, topped with a spoonful of rich vanilla custard, this melony mix is sure to make your friends green with envy.

Tan: Inspired by a favorite beverage, this smooth chai latte flavor is a balanced blend of cool, creamy milk, a hint of coffee, and just the right amount of chai spice.

Blue: The epitome of refreshing. Blue blends juicy melons with just a hint of refreshing cucumber. It’s a summer spa day in your tank!

Red: The freshest, ripest strawberries picked right out of the local patch, smothered in rich sweet cream.

You can get them all right HERE at Giant Vapes, and don’t forget to check out the original lineup by Beard Vape Co. while you’re browsing!

Get Soaked This Summer

Soaked Custardy & Banana Now Available!

It’s time to get SOAKED! That’s right – Soaked Custardy and Soaked Banana by Beantown Vapor are back in stock tonight at Giant Vapes. Don’t snooze on these barrel-aged delights – supplies are limited!

Soaked Custardy starts out as the bestselling Soul Custardy. Then, the e-liquid wizards at Beantown Vapor transform it with magic! And by magic, we mean they let it steep and cure for five months in freshly emptied young rye whiskey barrels. The result? A perfectly balanced, smooth, sophisticated custard with mellow, oaky notes. It’s  earthy, rich, and unique. Get some while you can, though – Soaked Custardy is only available in VERY limited quantities twice a year.

Soaked Banana is the sweet, banana-infused brother to Soaked Custardy. This starts as a rich banana custard blend, and then goes through the magical 5-month curing process in fresh dumped, young rye whiskey barrels. The outcome is a deep, sophisticated e-liquid with subtle notes of oak, caramel and vanilla. As with all the Soaked flavors from Beantown, Soaked Banana is only available in very limited quantities, so don’t delay – get both Soaked flavors today, right HERE at Giant Vapes!

D-Rudd is Now Available at Giant Distribution!

D-Rudd by 80V

D-Rudd by 80V eLiquid. Creamy, authentic milk chocolate. Sweet, crumbly handmade honey graham crackers. Fluffy marshmallows, toasted golden brown. This indulgent S’Mores flavor is available today at Giant Distribution! Don’t miss on adding this summer tradition to your vape shop’s lineup – order online here or over the phone (call 855-482-7375 ext. 3) today!

Don’t forget to pick up the other fantastic flavors from 80V eLiquid, including the Smooth-E line and bestselling Souly Cannoli!

Giant Distro Benefits

Don’t have an account with Giant Distribution yet? Visit us at or call our wholesale account representatives at 855-482-7375, ext 3, to set up your account!

MINT by Plush Juice Now Available!

Mint by Plush Juice

We were lucky to meet Plush Juice’s founder, Ian Firth, at Vape Northeast in early 2016, and we were absolutely blown away by his original GUM flavor. In addition to creating amazingly accurate mint/menthol blends, Ian is also the co-founder of the Colorado SFATA chapter and regularly advocates for the vaping industry.

MINT: This cool, fresh, slight creamy wintergreen mint blend by Plush Juice is perfect for every occasion.

Don’t forget to check out Plush Juice‘s other bestselling flavor, GUM!