Showcase Success: Primitive Vapor Co.

Here at Giant Vapes, we pride ourselves on carrying e-liquids that are profoundly unique, beautifully crafted, and carefully manufactured. One of the best avenues for us to meet up-and-coming flavor crafters and experience the newest and finest e-liquids available are the vape conventions held each year, all over the country. The Vape Showcase is one of our favorite shows to attend each year; Showcase focuses on featuring professional companies, fostering business-to-business relationships, and promoting advocacy for the electronic cigarette industry.

In April of 2016, at The Vape Showcase in Pittsburgh, our Chief Awesome Officer, Mike Runshe, had the opportunity to meet Christopher Bowman and Brandon Degrave, founders of the Huntsville, Texas-based Primitive Vapor Co. After trying their debut flavor, Vestige, he knew he’d stumbled upon something special.

Brandon & Christopher at Vape Showcase
Brandon Degrave (left) and Christopher Bowman (right) at The Vape Showcase Pittsburg in April 2016.

“So, I had heard of Primitive from a couple people in the industry,” Mike revealed when asked about the first time he met Christopher and Brandon. “They had gained a little traction within the high end hardware community, so I stopped by their both to chat with them. We sat down and talked for a bit and after about a half hour I realized that I had been vaping their Vestige tester the whole time I was sitting there. It’s still one of my favorites. ”

One of the high points of The Vape Showcase is always the e-liquid flavor contest, which is sponsored by Giant Vapes. Primitive Vapor Co. received multiple awards in Pittsburgh for their introductory flavor, Vestige, which is a unique blend of tart key lime cream and sweet cinnamon-sugar doughnut. In August 2016, at The Vape Showcase in Dallas, Primitive received accolades for the second time, bringing home awards for both Vestige, which won best citrus at the show, and for their second flavor, Buttermilk Pie. As the name suggests, Buttermilk Pie is a creamy buttermilk-based-custard pie flavor, and it won best savory flavor and runner-up best in show when it debuted at the Dallas Showcase.

“We won runner up best citrus and runner up best in show at The Vape Showcase in Pittsburg, so that kind of put us on Mike’s radar,” said Primitive co-owner Brandon Degrave. “He asked Brandon (Finney), ‘what is a brand that I need to go and talk to,’ and (Finney) told him, ‘Primitive Vapor Co., these guys are huge right now.’”

Matt and Brandon Finney, brothers and the co-founders of The Vape Showcase, did more than steer Mike toward Primitive – they were instrumental in getting Brandon Degrave and Christopher Bowman involved in the event. Without their debut at Showcase, it may have taken much longer for the dynamic duo’s unique and complex flavors to reach nation-wide success.

“Brandon (Finney) and Matt Finney are old friends of ours, and to be honest, with full disclosure, all of our success is because of them, one hundred percent.” shared Degrave. “We just launched Vestige on March 5th of 2016, and three weeks after that was The Vape Showcase Pittsburgh. We weren’t ready for a vape show, it was too soon. Brandon (Finney) would not let that go. He pretty much said, you’re coming. We went, he gave us an awesome spot right next to the marketplace… We blew up, that’s where we met Mike for the first time.”

When asked about their success at the convention and with getting picked up by Giant Vapes, Brandon and Christopher are modest. “Mike came, sat down, and the conversation that I thought was going to be a ten minute conversation was like an hour long conversation where Mike proceeded to vape through two of our testers. He just kept snatching the tester and vaping the tank, and by the end he’s like, man this is really good. We’re going to give you guys a shot. We were very blessed to go to that show and to even have the success that we’ve had,” said Brandon.

“We’re sitting in Giant Vapes headquarters right now doing an interview. We never thought this would happen,” added Christopher.

“When we launched, I told Christopher that our one-year goal was to get on Giant Vapes,” said Brandon. “To do it in three weeks, you know, we had a bro hug that lasted a good twenty minutes.”

Almost a year later, the Primitive founders are not only attending the event, but their company is also one of the sponsors for The Vape Showcase Atlanta.

“Showcase is the one show we never skip,” confirmed Christopher.

This year, they will be debuting a new flavor, Serenity, in Atlanta, as a collaboration with the OPMH Project. Serenity is a flavor that Christopher developed and released locally for his original line, back in 2013 and 2014.

“It’s a flavor that’s been around a long time,” shared Brandon, “but we killed it to do Primitive, and we knew that we could keep it on the back burners, and then come back to it when we wanted to release a new flavor and do some collaborations.”

This is Primitive’s first collaboration with OPMH, and they’re looking forward to seeing Showcase attendees enjoy the release. Serenity will be available at the OPMH booth, which will be located beside the Marketplace in the Atlanta Expo Center South. Look for the Primitive truck, which will be featured at the OPMH booth!

Primitive truck
The Primitive truck is an off-roader’s dream: a 2014 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 4×4 featuring a 6” Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit, 20” Moto Wheels wrapped in 37” mudders, offroad front and rear bumpers, a Recon offroad grill and Magnum offroad sidesteps. It’s wrapped with the Primitive logo, the Giant Distribution logo, and the OPMH logo.


The Vape Showcase Atlanta will be held at the Atlanta Expo Center South on Saturday, March 25th and Sunday, March 26th. If you’re nearby, we’d love to see you at the Giant Vapes booth! You can get tickets here.

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Monthly Spotlight: Shillelagh

Shillelagh bottle shot with National Vape Expo award

There’s a good reason not to go hunting that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – you might run into a feisty leprechaun and his trusty shillelagh, and nobody wants to be on the business end of that shillelagh. If you’re lucky, though, you might find a different kind of Shillelagh at the end of the rainbow – a delicious ejuice crafted by the creator of the best-selling Branded line and Boston native, Sean Conway. Of course, if you’d rather not spend all day tracking down a rainbow, you can get Shillelagh (pronounced SHIL-LAY-LEE) delivered to your doorstep by ordering it at Giant Vapes!

Sean had been considering an Irish cream blend for his original Branded line for over a year. He’s always been a huge fan of the flavor, and wasn’t satisfied with the drink-themed or chocolate and Irish cream blends available on the market at the time. To satisfy his own desire for a truly phenomenal Irish cream eliquid, he developed something different: a creamy, sweet, and not too heavy blend that would highlight the clean flavor of traditional Irish cream and work as an all-day vape.

Shillelagh was a labor of love – Sean spent months blending and tweaking the flavor to get the perfect balance of traditional Irish cream and moist vanilla cupcake, and worked closely with his friend and Giant Vapes owner Mike Runshe on the marketing. After its release at Giant Vapes in early August of 2016, Shillelagh went on to win the best cream/custard award at National Vape Expo in Reno in November of 2016, and has been a year-round sensation since.

With that, we invite you to speak softly… and carry a big bottle of Shillelagh.

The Giant Vapes Blog is Back!

Hello beautiful people!

I’d like to welcome you all to our handy dandy, so fresh and so clean, shiny, new blog!  We tinkered around with a Giant Vapes blog not long after we started the company, but unfortunately we let it fall by the wayside due to time constraints, site issues, and mobs of angry villagers.

Today marks an exciting day, though.  Like Lazarus gloriously rising from the dead, or perhaps more like a zombie clawing it’s way out of 6 feet of dirt, the Giant Vapes blog is back…  and WAY better than before!

We’ll be posting all kinds of interesting content, and our blog entries will be much more frequent.  You’ll get to know some of the mixologists behind the brands we carry with our Meet the Mixer series.  We’ll also be posting vape advocacy news, product reviews for both e-liquid and hardware, resources for new vapers looking for an alternative to smoking, highlights from events and conventions, as well as monthly contests!

I hope you’re all as excited as we are to get this rolling.  It’s been a long time coming.  Stay tuned because the first of our new blog entries will be happening VERY soon!  Well, I guess technically this one is the first…  So stay tuned for the SECOND entry!

Until then, thank you all for your continued love and support.  Giant Vapes loves you, too!

Much Love to You All,

Mike “The Hill Giant”