What Color is YOUR Beard?

Colors by Beard Vape Co. are Now Available at Giant Vapes!

Beard Colors are now available at Giant Vapes!

Choose Your Color!

Pink: A tropical fruit blend bursting with deliciousness! The highlights of this flavor are bright, sweet mango and juicy lychee, perfectly balanced with a few other, secret exotic fruits.

Green: Freshly sliced honeydew and other melons, topped with a spoonful of rich vanilla custard, this melony mix is sure to make your friends green with envy.

Tan: Inspired by a favorite beverage, this smooth chai latte flavor is a balanced blend of cool, creamy milk, a hint of coffee, and just the right amount of chai spice.

Blue: The epitome of refreshing. Blue blends juicy melons with just a hint of refreshing cucumber. It’s a summer spa day in your tank!

Red: The freshest, ripest strawberries picked right out of the local patch, smothered in rich sweet cream.

You can get them all right HERE at Giant Vapes, and don’t forget to check out the original lineup by Beard Vape Co. while you’re browsing!

Get Soaked This Summer

Soaked Custardy & Banana Now Available!

It’s time to get SOAKED! That’s right – Soaked Custardy and Soaked Banana by Beantown Vapor are back in stock tonight at Giant Vapes. Don’t snooze on these barrel-aged delights – supplies are limited!

Soaked Custardy starts out as the bestselling Soul Custardy. Then, the e-liquid wizards at Beantown Vapor transform it with magic! And by magic, we mean they let it steep and cure for five months in freshly emptied young rye whiskey barrels. The result? A perfectly balanced, smooth, sophisticated custard with mellow, oaky notes. It’s  earthy, rich, and unique. Get some while you can, though – Soaked Custardy is only available in VERY limited quantities twice a year.

Soaked Banana is the sweet, banana-infused brother to Soaked Custardy. This starts as a rich banana custard blend, and then goes through the magical 5-month curing process in fresh dumped, young rye whiskey barrels. The outcome is a deep, sophisticated e-liquid with subtle notes of oak, caramel and vanilla. As with all the Soaked flavors from Beantown, Soaked Banana is only available in very limited quantities, so don’t delay – get both Soaked flavors today, right HERE at Giant Vapes!

D-Rudd is Now Available at Giant Distribution!

D-Rudd by 80V

D-Rudd by 80V eLiquid. Creamy, authentic milk chocolate. Sweet, crumbly handmade honey graham crackers. Fluffy marshmallows, toasted golden brown. This indulgent S’Mores flavor is available today at Giant Distribution! Don’t miss on adding this summer tradition to your vape shop’s lineup – order online here or over the phone (call 855-482-7375 ext. 3) today!

Don’t forget to pick up the other fantastic flavors from 80V eLiquid, including the Smooth-E line and bestselling Souly Cannoli!

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MINT by Plush Juice Now Available!

Mint by Plush Juice

We were lucky to meet Plush Juice’s founder, Ian Firth, at Vape Northeast in early 2016, and we were absolutely blown away by his original GUM flavor. In addition to creating amazingly accurate mint/menthol blends, Ian is also the co-founder of the Colorado SFATA chapter and regularly advocates for the vaping industry.

MINT: This cool, fresh, slight creamy wintergreen mint blend by Plush Juice is perfect for every occasion.

Don’t forget to check out Plush Juice‘s other bestselling flavor, GUM!


New from 80V: D-Rudd!

Get D-Rudd Now at Giant Vapes!

D-Rudd by 80V eLiquid

The dynamic duo behind 80V eLiquid has done it again, and their latest flavor showcases a time-honored summer tradition, minus the mosquito bites. Put up your tent, get out your whittling knife and trim up a stick, because it’s S’mores time!

D-Rudd: Homemade honey graham cracker base, roasty-toasty marshmallows and an amazingly authentic, creamy milk chocolate blended together into a velvety medley of sweet and savory, ooey-gooey s’mores goodness.

Get it right HERE at Giant Vapes!

Happy 4th of July from Giant Vapes!


On this glorious day (well, technically it’s tomorrow) 241 years ago, Congress approved our Declaration of Independence, and our nation was created.

While you’re celebrating this great day by turning burgers into hockey pucks and coming dangerously close to blowing off a finger, take a break to do some shopping here at Giant Vapes and save 15% off EVERYTHING!

Use the coupon code GIANT4TH during checkout from now until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, July 4th for 15% off all products at Giant Vapes, including lots of new hardware and e-liquids!

Holiday Closure Announcements

Giant Vapes shipping, customer service, and distribution departments will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th, for Independence Day. While our website will still be operational and you can still place orders, any orders placed after 5pm EST on Monday, July 3rd, will not ship until Wednesday, July 5th.

Please note:  We are temporarily lifting our same day shipping guarantee for orders scheduled to ship on Monday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 5th, due to expected high order volumes.  Your orders will still ship promptly, but there may be a one day delay in order processing time.

New from BRV: 60mls & Care Package Reloaded!

BRV Banner

BRV is Back In Stock & Bigger Than Ever

BRV (Bottle Ready to Vape) E-Liquids was founded by Will Cohen in late 2013. The intention behind BRV was not only to craft unique, delicious all-day-vapes, but also to fund the Vape A Vet Project. 100% of BRV’s profits are donated directly to Vape A Vet, a 501(c)(3) charity founded by Cohen in 2013, which provides starter kits, e-liquid, and knowledge about vaping to active and former members of our nation’s armed forces. We at Giant Vapes are thrilled to have the full BRV and Black Ops by BRV lines restocked today in 60ml bottles, and proud to support the Vape A Vet Project.

You can now find 60ml bottles of both the original BRV E-Liquids and Black Ops by BRV E-Liquids right HERE!

Care Package has been RELOADED

Care Package Reloaded
Care Package Reloaded: it’s a brand new take on the original, bestselling Care Package! Fresh, juicy tropical fruits mixed with light cream for a delicious, summery smoothie blend. Now available right HERE at Giant Vapes!

Now at Giant Distribution: Thermal by Space Jam

Thermal by Space Jam

Start your summer off right by adding Thermal by Space Jam to your shop’s lineup! This tropical blend features crisp apples, tangy kiwi, and bright, juicy orange in a high VG blend perfect for both tanks and drippers, and it’s available today at Giant Distribution!

You can get all of Space Jam’s bestselling flavors right HERE at Giant Distribution!


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Now Available at Giant Distro: Fresh! Fruit

Get Fresh with Giant Distribution

Fresh! Fruit Now Available

The latest and freshest nationwide release from Branded Vapors is Fresh Fruit, available in 100ml bottles for wholesale to your vape shop right now! Don’t miss out on adding this fantastically fruity, amazingly accurate fruit blend to your lineup – call your wholesale account representative today at 855-482-7375, extension 3, or visit us at https://www.giantdistro.com/ to order online!

While you’re picking up some Fresh new flavors, be sure to check out Branded’s other bestselling offerings at Giant Distribution!


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Hot New Flavor – Thermal from Space Jam!

Thermal by Space Jam is now available at Giant Vapes!

Thermal by Space Jam

The California-based, bestselling brand Space Jam is heating things up this summer with Thermal! This bright, refreshing blend melds crunchy apples, tropical kiwi, and juicy orange in perfect harmony, for a delectable, high-VG treat!

Get it right HERE at Giant Vapes, and don’t forget to check out all of Space Jam’s stellar offerings HERE!