The leaves are turning red and gold and the nights are getting chilly, so here at Giant Vapes we’ve put away our summer vapes – it’s time for the warmer, spicier flavors of fall.

Some vapers use the same flavors year-round, but we’ve found that switching it up as the seasons change can help prevent olfactory fatigue and provide a much-needed distraction from daily stress. With sweater weather coming in quick, the taste of baked apples and cinnamon or a deep-fried carnival funnel cake can make even the dreariest days a little more cheerful.

Without further ado, here are our top five flavors for fall, personally recommended by our amazing Giant Vapes staff.

Bourbon Spice Roll

There’s one flavor that screams “fall is HERE” louder than any other, and that’s pumpkin spice. Love it or hate it, there’s nothing more suited to the harvest season than the classic blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

Bourbon Spice Roll, formerly known as Rotolo Di Zuca, is uniquely crafted to elevate the pumpkin spice profile. Earthy, savory pumpkin melds with a satisfying spice medley inspired by Italian pumpkin rolls. The top note of smooth American bourbon whiskey adds a mature element to this ejuice. Not too sweet, with plenty of spice, this is the ultimate in mellow, traditional fall flavors with a twist.


There’s no sacrifice with this Gambit – just the warm autumn flavor of apple pie and ice cream, made with the world-renowned craftsmanship of Five Pawns using the finest ingredients sourced in the United States.

With the perfectly balanced flavors of warm baked apples and cinnamon, luxurious caramel, pie crust, and French vanilla ice cream, Gambit is delicious year-round, but there’s something special about vaping this flavor during the chill months when local apples are ripe for harvest.

Gambit, along with the other Five Pawns flavors, is made with tobacco-free S-isomer nicotine for an exceptionally smooth and flavorful vape, with no artificial aftertaste.

Beard No. 32

Let’s face it: we don’t get to go to the carnival as often as we’d like. Remember the feel of the crisp September wind from the top of a ferris wheel, the crackling music of the merry go round, and the simple joy (or frustration, for most of us) of pitching a softball at a tower of glass bottles? We do, and with those golden memories comes one of our favorites: the rich scent of frying dough and the taste of sweet, crisp, powdered-sugar covered funnel cake.

Those nostalgic flavors are perfectly captured in No. 32 by Beard Vape Co. Fresh fried funnel cake, savory cinnamon, and a sweet note of sugary topping – all the delicious tastes of a carnival treat, without the calories or the hassle of finding a parking space at the local fall festival grounds.

Experiment One

Autumn is harvest season, and the ejuice flavors we associate with fall are typically in the desserts category- sweet fruit pies, baked apples, and pastries. However, there’s one symbol for the season that’s older than most and truly American: corn. Traditionally, vape juices with notes of corn are cereal blends with lots of other additions, but there’s a must-try exception.

One of the most unique flavors we’ve ever vaped, Experiment One is the first e-liquid that came to mind when we started discussing fall flavors. Its blend of sweet and savory corn notes reminds everyone of something a little different, from cool end-of-summer nights at the local drive-in to making sweet holiday popcorn balls with the family.


Dessert vapes aren’t for everyone. Savory flavors can be overwhelming to some palates, and there’s a certain richness to many bakery blends. When the weather is crisp, sometimes you want a vape to match – something refreshing and fruity that still captures the taste of the season.

Our choice for a fall fruit flavor is Intercooler by Boosted. Sweet ripe apples and tart cranberries blend perfectly to make a beautifully balanced vape that’s not too sweet and not too sour, with a smooth, creamy exhale. It’s an awesome autumn choice, whether you always prefer fruit vapes, or if you’re looking for something to liven up your palate.

Honorable Mentions

We couldn’t talk about fall flavors without tipping our hats to favorites from previous years. Rear Diff by Boosted Ejuice, Punkin from Guardian Angel, and Precious Pumpkin by Simply Ejuice would all be on this list if they were available today. We hope that one day these phenomenal fall vapes are back on our shelves because we truly miss these warm, spicy seasonal flavors.

What’s your favorite fall vape? Let us know in the comments!


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