Our October E-Liquid Spotlight is AVAIL Vapor! With their wide variety of delicious e-liquids, we’re confident you’d find a flavor that appeals to your tastes among the AVAIL offerings just by browsing our selection of freebase AVAIL flavors.

But, to make it easier for you…

We’ve got four expert recommendations for you to check out, and whether you’re looking for tobacco, menthol, fruit or dessert, these are the top AVAIL flavors, described just for you by experienced AVAIL team members.

For the tobacco lover:

Grandpa’s Choice is described as a sweet pipe tobacco, and that’s pretty spot on. This eliquid pairs the bold flavor of tobacco with a smoother sweet flavor, almost reminiscent of marshmallow. This allows for a smooth and rich vape experience, with a pleasantly sweet exhale. Fear not, the tobacco is by no means overpowered in this flavor, however it’s accompanied by a sweet finish that makes it less sharp than your traditional tobacco flavor.

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The fruit vape you’ll wish you’d tried sooner:

Mardi Gras is a mixed berry medley that’s been a top favorite at AVAIL for a long time. All of your favorite berries are combined in this flavor for a sweet and fruity vape. This flavor is awesome for those who are looking to try fruit flavors for the first time, or those who already love them!

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Do you love dessert vapes?

The liquid formerly known as Bamboozled, Golden Dawn is a smooth and rich salted caramel flavor that’s one of our favorites for fall. Golden Dawn is definitely a dessert flavor, however its caramel sweetness is finished with notes of slightly salty waffle cones, creating a sweet and savory exhale. This flavor is perfect for those looking to indulge their sweet tooth.

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Discover your ultimate chill:

Absolute Zero is an icy cool spearmint and menthol, perfect for those who are looking for a menthol flavor with no traces of tobacco. This e-liquid is freezing cold in the best way possible, with a slightly sweet spearmint finish that’s light and fresh.

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Founded in 2013 and based in Richmond, VA, AVAIL Vapor is a leading premium vape manufacturer committed to providing you with delicious, satisfying e-liquids. Every vape they make is developed and produced in a state-of-the-art ISO certified class 6 clean room, and you can get detailed information about your AVAIL Vapor e-liquid, including certificates of analysis, at their batch information website.

What’s your favorite AVAIL flavor? Leave us a comment below!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general in nature. It may not apply to your specific product. This information is not intended to address every aspect of vaping or e-liquid products. Certain products may require different or additional care. Review the safety and operating instructions and other information applicable to your particular product. Giant X LLC provides this information as a service to its customers and disclaims any liability for your use of or reliance upon the information provided herein.


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