Draw activated pod systems, or auto-draw pod vapes, are some of the most common and simple to use vape starter kits you’ll find. If you’re new to vaping and looking for an experience similar to smoking a cigarette, you’ll want to start by looking at these draw-activated pod systems. 

What is a draw activated vape?

A draw activated vape is a vape device that activates or turns e-liquid into vapor when you put it to your mouth and inhale (or draw) on the mouthpiece.

Using a draw-activated vape is the closest you can get to the action of smoking a cigarette. If you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, starting with a small draw-activated vape kit can help with your switch. 

Other types of vape devices are button activated, which means they require you to press a button to activate, or fire, your vape. Some vape kits allow you the option to either activate your device by pressing a button or by drawing on your device.

Draw activated pod systems are the most common type of refillable draw-activated vape, but you’ll find some other types of all-in-one starter kits that are activated when you inhale, too. Most disposable vapes are draw activated.

All draw-activated kits will come in an all-in-one system, though – you can’t mix and match your tank and mod if you want to have a draw activation feature.

What is the best draw activated pod system?

We’ve got a selection of five of the best draw activated vape kits of 2020 here for you. Whether you want an ultra-simple, no-mess kit with prefilled pods or a feature-rich tank hybrid, Giant Vapes has a great pod system for you.

The Simple Pre-Filled Pod Kit

The JuNo Kit is a good no-fuss, no-mess draw-activated pod system and the closest vape you’ll find to smoking a cigarette. With proprietary, non-refillable pods in tobacco and menthol flavors, the JuNo is the ultimate in convenience and comes with everything you need to start vaping.

The JuNo Starter Kit

  • Disposable, Pre-Filled 1.6ml Pods
  • Tobacco and Menthol Flavors Available
  • Comes with Nicotine Salt E-Liquid in Pods
  • Pods are Not Refillable
  • 380mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Draw Activated Only – No Buttons


The Simple Refillable Pod Kit

The Vaporesso BARR is our top choice if you want an easy to use auto-draw kit that you can fill with your favorite flavor of e-liquid. Designed to be elegant and simple to operate without sacrificing quality, if you do want flavor, but you don’t want to fuss with buttons or settings, the BARR is the kit for you.

The Vaporesso BARR Starter Kit

  • Disposable Pods with Built-In Mesh Coils
  • Refillable 1.2ml Pods – Add Your Favorite Vape Juice
  • Use Standard (Freebase) or Nic Salt E-Liquids
  • Pods Can Be Refilled Multiple Times
  • Customizable Airflow
  • 350mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Draw Activated Only – No Buttons


The Simple Dual Activation Pod Kit

Like our favorite simple refillable pod kit, the Vaporesso XROS is designed to be easy to operate and you can fill its disposable pods with your favorite freebase or nicotine salt e-liquids. However, the XROS has one additional feature: a button.

The XROS can be turned on and off (a feature not found in buttonless vape kits) and you can press the button to fire the device. However, you can also draw on the XROS to get vapor – so you get to experience both activation styles and see which works best for you.

The Vaporesso XROS Starter Kit

  • Disposable Pods with Built-In Mesh Coils
  • Refillable 2ml Pods – Add Your Favorite Vape Juice
  • Use Standard (Freebase) or Nic Salt E-Liquids
  • Pods Can Be Refilled Multiple Times
  • Pods Fill from the Top
  • Customizable Airflow
  • 800mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • On/Off Function
  • Draw Activation OR Button Activation


The Dual Activation Pod Box Mod

With a unique form factor, the UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit offers a more custom experience than other draw-activated or dual activation pod kits. Robust features, an elegant frame, and individual replaceable coils are the hallmarks of this pod box mod.

The UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit

  • Refillable Recessed 3ml Pod – Add Your Favorite E-Juice
  • Replaceable Coils – Less Waste
  • Use Standard (Freebase) or Nic Salt E-Liquids
  • Pod Fills from the Top
  • Customizable Airflow
  • 1250mAh Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • On/Off Function
  • Draw Activation OR Button Activation


The Full-Featured Dual Activation Vape Kit

The VOOPOO Drag S has the same level of customization you’d get in a full-sized vape kit, plus optional draw activation. With adjustable wattage settings, a wide variety of compatible PnP coils, a leather and zinc alloy frame, and the unique PnP Pod hybrid (the included pod can be transformed into a tank with the PnP Pod Tank adapter), this is the kit you get when you don’t want to compromise on power and flavor.

The VOOPOO Drag S Starter Kit

  • Refillable 4.5ml PnP Pod – Add Your Favorite E-Liquid
  • Replaceable PnP Coils – Less Waste, Huge Variety
  • Use Standard (Freebase) or Nic Salt Ejuice
  • Wattage Adjustment From 5W-60W
  • Customizable Airflow
  • 2500mAh Battery
  • USB-C Fast Charging
  • On/Off Function
  • Draw Activation OR Button Activation


How do draw activated pod systems work?

The best part of using a draw-activated vape is that it’s extremely simple to use. Just put your vape to your lips and inhale, and you’ll get vapor.

Every vape kit will be slightly different in design and features; how you charge, refill, or adjust settings depends on what type of device you have. Exactly how the draw activation function works in each different device can vary slightly, but most are set up the same way.

Most draw activated pod systems use an air pressure switch. When you draw on your vape, you create suction. This suction activates an air pressure switch in your vape device. When the switch is engaged, the circuit between the battery in your device and the heating element that creates vapor is closed, and power is provided to the heating element.

Some draw activated vapes, particularly disposable systems, may use a tiny microphone or audio sensor that will detect the sound of air as you draw on the device. This is a less expensive option for manufacturers, but leads to a less reliable product, as these audio sensors can be activated by loud ambient noises as well as direct drawing on the device. Because of this, premium pod kits and most refillable pod kits use more reliable air pressure switches.

Why aren’t all vapes draw activated?

Vaping is all about choice and control over your nicotine consumption.

Draw activated vapes are super simple to use and a great choice for some people. However, they do have some limitations, and aren’t right for everyone.

If you want massive clouds of vapor, or if you want to mix and match for aesthetic or performance optimization – picking out a certain brand or style of device and a different brand of tank – going with a more standard full-sized, button-operated vape might be a better choice than a draw-activated pod system.

Some people just prefer to press a button to activate their vape.

If you’re not sure which you’ll be more comfortable with, picking out a dual-activation device like the VOOPOO Drag S system is a great way to try out both button and draw activated vape styles. In the end, we always recommend that you discover what works best and is most satisfying for you, and if you have any questions, we’ll be here to help.

What’s your preferred vape device? Leave us a comment below!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general in nature. It may not apply to your specific products or experience. This information is not intended to address every aspect of vaping or e-cigarettes. Review the safety and operating instructions and other information applicable to your particular products. Giant X LLC provides this information as a service to its customers and disclaims any liability for your use of or reliance upon the information provided herein.


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