Learn about traveling with your e-cigarette, including storage tips and tricks, security line advice and more.

We’ll answer the most common questions from our customers here at Giant Vapes about the logistics of bringing your e-cigarettes with you while traveling. Once you’re finished, if there’s anything we’ve left out, be sure to leave us a comment!

What do I do with my vape device when I fly?

Traveling with your e-cigarette doesn’t have to be difficult. First and foremost, you should always look up the specific regulations for the flights, airlines, and destinations for your trip.

While there are differences based on every airline and device, we’re going to cover the basics for your best travel experience with your vaping device.

Do I bring my vape on the plane with me or check it?

When bringing your vape on a plane, most airlines require that all devices, with or without built-in batteries, and all spare lithium ion batteries, be carried on the plane with you. You should never leave batteries or devices with batteries in the bag that goes under the plane.

To expedite your security check point experience, it’s best to let the TSA agent know that you are traveling with an e-cigarette. By doing this, it will lessen the chance that they will need to fully check your bag. Since some vape devices can be difficult to identify through the scanner, it is always best to put them into a bin and not have them inside your bag. Return your device to your carry-on bag once you are through the security checkpoint.

Do I need to turn off my device?

Yes, you should always lock or turn off your device when it’s not in use, and especially when you’re traveling.

We’ve all heard of the rare cases where a vape mod has malfunctioned, or when a battery has leaked or swelled to a dangerous degree. To avoid misfiring and overheating your device, always lock or turn off your device when it is not in use, especially when carrying your mod in a pocket or bag.

If you can remove the batteries from your device, we strongly recommend that you take the batteries out of your e-cigarette and store them in a secure battery case when traveling and when you’re not going for an extended period.

I have Lithium-Ion batteries I’m bringing along. How should I transport them?

Travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about your batteries and how to bring them with you. While in most cases lithium ion batteries are allowed for travel, we always recommend checking the flight regulations and laws for your specific destination.

The airline will remind you, but always remember – if you’re traveling by air with e-cigarettes or batteries, bring them on the plane with you.

Your spare batteries and devices with batteries in them, whether removable or built-in, should never be checked in your luggage. Always carry them with you in your carry-on bag, purse, or pocket, and be sure you’ve got any loose batteries in a battery case.

Always use a battery case to keep spare batteries secure

We recommend that you always keep your batteries in approved battery cases when they are not in use.

If you are traveling with multiple batteries, we suggest that you have an approved case for all of the batteries that will be accompanying you.

This prevents damage to your batteries, and keeps them safe from coming into contact with metal objects.

Battery cases should be plastic or rubber (not metal or any conductive material) and should latch securely. If the latch on your battery case is broken or damaged, get a new battery case.

How should I fly with my eliquid?

As always, you should check your specific airline’s regulations to be sure, but you can almost always bring liquids on a plane or transport bottles of e-liquid in your luggage, whether checked or carried on.

Just remember, there are limitations and size requirements. We’re going to talk about how much eliquid you can bring on the plane and in your checked bags while traveling.

How much e-liquid can I bring through security?

When flying, the most common amount of liquid per container allowed in a carry on bag is 3.4 fluid oz (about 100ml). You can usually bring as many 3.4 fluid oz bottles that can safely fit into a single quart sized zip lock bag.  Each see-through zip lock bag is limited to one per passenger.

This is a very common size for travel-sized shampoo or toothpaste, to give you an idea of how small a 3.4 oz bottle is.

All containers that exceed the fluid oz requirements, or liquids that do not fit in your quart-sized bag, regardless of amount or type, must be placed in a checked bag. If you try to bring too much liquid through security, TSA may ask you to dispose of any bottles that are over-size or won’t go into your zip lock bag.

  • 30ml = 1.01 fluid oz – Ok to bring
  • 60ml = 2.03 fluid oz – Ok to bring
  • 100ml = 3.38 fluid oz – Ok to bring
  • 120ml = 4.057 fluid oz- NOT Ok to bring

What kinds of bottles of juice should I travel with?

Many vape companies are now packaging their flavors in plastic bottles, but some flavors are still only available in glass bottles. It’s never a good idea to bring glass bottles with you when traveling – broken glass is never easy to clean up!

We recommend putting any ejuice that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle into a refillable plastic bottle when you’re planning to travel. Not only will you be able to more easily store your bottles but you will be able to prevent leaking and breakage along the way.

What should I bring with me when I travel, besides my vape and juice?

We have a handy checklist of items that we find helpful when traveling.

  • Plastic Zip Lock Bags
  • Paper Towels
  • Spare Battery Cases
  • Spare E-Liquid Bottles/ Refillable Bottles
  • Battery Charger

Extra plastic zip lock bags can be used to separate out any messy bottles or to bag your tank or tanks as you travel – these will help you from getting e-liquid everywhere in the event of a leak.

Bringing a few paper towels (we like to tear off 3-4 sheets and fold them neatly inside one of our spare plastic bags) means you’ve always got supplies in case you need to quickly clean up a spill.

Spare battery cases and spare e-liquid bottles are just in case the ones with your batteries and e-juice already in them break or become damaged.

How do I make sure my tank doesn’t leak in transit?

It’s very common that vape pods and tanks will leak in transit, as air pressure changes can force your juice through your tank or coil.

To help prevent leakage, you should always empty your tank and shut the airflow vents before travel. Removing your coil if possible, or having a brand new coil installed, will prevent any e-liquid that’s soaked into a used coil from leaking out of your tank.

Another trick for keeping your tank safe from departure to descent is to wrap the tank in a paper towel or a piece of cloth to prevent the glass from breaking. You’ll want to place your protected tank into a plastic bag to further prevent any leakage should there be any remaining ejuice in the tank.

I’m nervous about going through security with my vape.

Pre-flight jitters are totally common, and nobody likes going through security. The best way to prepare for the security line is to plan and prepare your vape before you enter the security line – collect everything at home and put it in easy-to-access areas of your carry-on bag or purse. If you know exactly which pocket everything is in, you’ll feel much more comfortable when it’s time to go through the scanner.

We know you’ll probably have your vape with you on your trip to the airport, so once you’re ready to go through security (but before you enter the security checkpoint line) you’ll want to go ahead and disassemble and put away your vape.

You should have a bag prepared for your tank or pods, and battery cases ready for any batteries you’re taking out of your vape. Put these items away in your ‘vape pocket’ of your purse, backpack, or other carry on bag.

If your mod has built-in batteries, just turn the device off before getting in line.

Once you’re at the security scanner (you’ll know – that’s where they make you take off your shoes) go ahead and remove your batteries, e-liquids (these should be in a plastic quart sized bag with all your other fluids!) and device, and place all these items in a separate bin. You can include any other items that must be removed from your bag in the same bin (e-readers and other electronics, most commonly).

While you can leave your vape inside your purse or other bag to go through the scanner, these items can look suspicious in the scanner and leaving them inside your bag may result in additional screening. Taking the items out and having them on display in a bin with your other electronics reduces the chance your bag will be manually searched.

Can I vape while I’m on the plane or in the airport?

You can not vape on any plane. Do not ever try to vape on a plane, or in a plane bathroom. There are severe consequences for smoking or vaping while on a commercial flight.

Some airports do have smoking areas, and you can typically vape inside the designated smoking area. However, you should never vape in an airport terminal or airport bathroom. Again, using tobacco products inside an airport (except for in the designated smoking area) is strictly forbidden and there are severe consequences for smoking or vaping inside an airport.

Do these rules apply to international flights?

While domestic flights have general guidelines like the ones above, international flight rules will change depending on your destination country.

Be prepared to itemize your belongings in the event that you are traveling internationally, as you may need to provide this list to customs.

You should be aware that some countries prohibit the sale or use of vapor products, so it’s always best to find out what is and is not allowed both on your international flight and in your travel destination.

From everyone here at Giant Vapes….

Safe travels, and enjoy your trip!

Still have questions? Leave us a comment – we promise we’ll read it!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general in nature. It may not apply to your particular device or travel situation. This information is not intended to address every aspect of traveling with an e-cigarette. Certain devices and accessories may require different or additional care. Review the safety, operating, and other information applicable to your particular device, batteries, or accessories. Giant Vapes LLC provides this information as a service to its customers and disclaims any liability for your use of or reliance upon the information provided herein.


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