Vaping CBD has become more popular in 2020 than ever before. 

Why is that?

It’s because with CBD, you can get all the benefits of hemp without the uncomfortable or unwanted psychoactive effects of cannabis products that contain active THC.

Plus, vaping CBD is the quickest way to feel the effects. Tinctures, topicals, and other CBD preparations each have their benefits, but the inhalation methods – smoking or vaping CBD flower or CBD vape liquid – are hands-down the fastest consumption method. 

And now you have the choice to ditch the old combustion method and use a vape rig to get your CBD and other cannabinoids.  

Let’s jump to what you came for:

These are the refillable vape kits available right now that we recommend for vaping CBD liquids. 

An added bonus: every single one of these kits can also be used for nicotine e-liquids, too.

Our #1 recommendation is the Vaporesso XROS Pod System

It’s almost as simple to use as a disposable, and we love the sleek, lightweight design and 2ml pod capacity. It’s the kit our staff uses for vaping CBD, and here are a few more reasons why:

  • Button or Draw Activation
  • 800mAh Battery (it lasts us days when we use it for CBD!)
  • 1A Charge Speed / 45 Minute Charge Time  
  • You can turn it off to save the battery or carry in a pocket
  • It’s top-filling and the pods don’t leak


Coming in at a close #2 is the Vaptio Razor Kit, for many of the same reasons we chose the XROS for CBD vape liquid. 

It’s elegant but tough, it’s portable, and it’s as simple as you can get while still being able to charge and refill your system. It’s a little slimmer and has a smaller battery, but it still gets the job done and has a few unique features that set it apart from the rest.

  • Button or Draw Activation
  • 550mAh Battery
  • 500mA (0.5A) Charge Speed (USB-C)
  • Pre-Heating Feature – reduces ramp-up time and makes flavor more consistent
  • Haptic feedback – the Vaptio vibrates when you connect your pod, when you’ve completed a pre-heating cycle and when you’ve used it for about as long as a cigarette takes to smoke (about five minutes or 15-25 puffs)
  • It’s top filling and the pods don’t leak


Our third pick is an ultra-popular pod kit from SMOKtech, the SMOK NORD 2 40W Vape Kit

The Nord 2 is a little more complicated than the XROS or Razor, with its variable wattage settings, but if you’re looking for a kit with tons of room to experiment the Nord 2 is the CBD vape for you. Just remember: CBD vape liquid is best used under 30W and with coils that are recommended for use at lower wattages.

  • Button Activation Only
  • 1500mAh Battery
  • 4.5ml liquid capacity
  • 1W – 40W Adjustable Wattage
  • Replaceable coils and pods
  • A wide variety of replacement coils from SMOK are available in mesh, conical mesh, ceramic, quartz, and standard configurations – so you can truly find your perfect vape experience


One of our toughest pod vape kits is our #4 pick for CBD Vape Liquids: the GeekVape Aegis Boost Plus.

It’s feature-rich, it’s water-resistant, and it’s a compact handful. If you’re looking for a daily driver that you don’t have to refill or recharge often, the Aegis Boost Plus is the kit for you. 

Unlike the rest of the kits on this list, though, you’ll need a few more accessories to get started with an Aegis Boost Plus: namely, at least one high-amp 18650 vape battery. We’d suggest getting a dedicated charger and spare batteries, too, since the ability to swap out your batteries is our favorite feature of the Boost Plus – there’s no downtime waiting for your mod to charge if you keep a charged battery ready to go.

If you really want a built-in battery but love the features of the Boost Plus, be sure to take a peek at the original Aegis Boost – it’s got many of the same features and a built-in 1500mAh battery. 

  • Button Activation Only
  • Single 18650 Battery Compatible 
  • 40W Max Power 
  • Dustproof, Shockproof, and IP67 Waterproofing
  • Replaceable Coils 
  • Top-Fill 5.5ml Pod


Finally, we’re looping back to something simple to use, in a slightly different form factor. Our #5 choice for CBD vape liquids is the Vaporesso PodStick.

Why do we love the PodStick? It’s all about the shape and experience. The way it feels when you hold it or draw on it is closer to that familiar tube shape than other devices, and for some of us, that feeling is a big part of what we want from a vape, whether it’s nicotine or CBD. 

  • 900mAh Battery 
  • CCell or Mesh Pods available 
  • Sliding Top-Fill Port
  • 1A Charging
  • Three power levels to choose from


We hope our recommendations help you pick your new refillable CBD vape kit, but remember: if you don’t like the look or features of any of these devices, there are other vape kits available for use with CBD vape liquids

What’s your favorite kit to use with CBD Vape Liquids? Leave us a comment below!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general in nature. It may not apply to your specific product. This information is not intended to address every aspect of CBD, vaping or e-liquid products. Certain products may require different or additional care. Review the safety and operating instructions and other information applicable to your particular product. Giant X LLC provides this information as a service to its customers and disclaims any liability for your use of or reliance upon the information provided herein.


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