The 5 Best Refillable CBD Vape Pens Available Today

Vaping CBD has become more popular in 2020 than ever before. Why is that? It’s because with CBD, you can get all the benefits of hemp without the uncomfortable or unwanted psychoactive effects of cannabis products that contain active THC. Plus, vaping CBD is the quickest way to feel the effects. Tinctures, topicals, and other CBD preparations each have their benefits, but the inhalation methods – smoking or vaping CBD flower or CBD vape liquid – are hands-down the fastest consumption method.

Giant Vapes Guide: Draw Activated Pod Systems

Draw activated pod systems, or auto-draw pod vapes, are some of the most common and simple to use vape starter kits you’ll find. If you’re new to vaping and looking for an experience similar to smoking a cigarette, you’ll want to start by looking at these draw-activated pod systems.